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I was the first hire and a full-stack product designer for Knowhere, a technology-focused media start-up based in San Francisco. Knowhere’s mission was to use technology to make news more trustworthy. We covered American politics and a mix of business, technology, and foreign affairs.

I joined an early stage start-up for the opportunity to architect a unique design process suited for the company's needs. For example, since the Knowhere team comprised of Product people and journalists, I wanted our product design process to match the pace of a newsroom. The result was a user-centered process that was optimized for rapid user testing, collaborative across teams, and reflective of our company’s data-driven and non-partisan culture. It combined elements of design thinking with elements of the editorial process, creating a hybrid that made sense for our technology-powered newsroom. 

I was responsible for the quality, creativity, and delivery of the following products:


- Ida

- The Brief

- The design system

The Website

Knowhere website

The Brief

The Brief-v3.7-375.png
The Brief-v3.7-375.png
The Brief-v3.7-375.png
The Brief-v3.7-375.png


Ida, named after Ida B. Wells, was the backbone of the Knowhere newsroom. A complex, collaborative tool used by Knowhere's local and national editorial teams, Ida was where journalists interfaced with AI and ML. 

Ida allowed the newsroom to create, manage, and publish content, and its primary feature was assisting our reporters and editors in countering misinformation and partisan bias in their writing. 
Instead of typing, I've decided to create an audio experience. Please listen as I explain Ida!
Ida for Treasure Coast, Florida
How to write stories using Ida
Why Ida?
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